[Fiksi] Reggie’s Plunged Off His Boat

Write a story that ends with ” and everything was over for both of them “?

Finally, he’s gonna do it. Reggie sneaked out and got in his father’s boat. He spent the whole night trying to catch that giant silver blue marlin.

At dawn, the rope over the side of the boat rattled. Reggie grabbed it and put it over his shoulder and pulled as hard as he could. His heart pounded, his throat filled with cold air and was sore.

The boat under his feet was struck by something below the water. The boy picked up the harpoon and aimed the sharp point to a silver line on the back of the mighty fish. He shot once. Again and it went through the silver blue marlin’s tail.

Before he realised what was happening, Reggie plunged into the cold ocean as the giant marlin swam into the deep. The boy wouldn’t let it go as he tightened his grip to the rope. The giant marlin swished its tail and took a turn. Reggie’s body was thrown to one side like a mere doll and then hit a tall hard cliff. The boy passed out under water. The giant silver blue marlin kept swimming to the rock bottom, and to its death as blood kept coming from its tail.

And everything was over for both of them.


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