Ned The Dragon

This is my new hero. Ned The Dragon. Found him in a pack of gopekan snack.


Ned was ready to start his mystical journey.


He wandered around to find some token of magical places and their powers.


Then suddenly, strange wind struck him gently as he nodded to one side.  “What is that?” the noble dragon said. The spirits of whimsical flowers from the woods were calling his name.


“I better go check it out,” Ned thought to himself. He then made the trip up the hill and through the enchanted woods.


“Whoa,” he said. “I’m in some sort of best place on earth. How could I’ve never come here before? Is this even in the map?”


“But I shall not forget what brought me here. I have missions.  The princess needs to be rescued. The fat guy who wrote the story needs another coffee. Might I as well accomplish what I’ve destined for.” Ned looked around and felt as the breeze eased all his muscle and brought fine tranquility to his quite fiery soul. He closed his eyes and smirked. “Although I might stay here just a little longer before going on an errand. This place is just too perfect.”


Then so the mighty young dragon stayed on the whimsical hill. But never too long since he distinctly realized what the Lords have destined him for and the power his spread wings have had. The tale’s being told, Ned saved the princess and got the fat man another coffee. Then flew away and rested his tired wings on the cradle of enchanted woods, where the spirits sung the song which can only be heard by the pure and brave heart as Ned himself.

People had also a song about him. They would sing it to children who are scared of the dark and won’t let their parents leave them alone. They would sing it to each other every now and then and every harvest season.

May people be blinded
as Ned The Dragon flies over the sky,

blocking the sun light and crashing stars,
and brings happiness, hope and love,
to the hearts who witness
to the hearts who witness.


10 pemikiran pada “Ned The Dragon

  1. Man…nice writing. I wish I could write the way you write. I wonder if they sell that grub here in this city just to get myself that dragon.

    • thank you, pally. well now you’re back in medan where they sell such in warungs, or you could get a better and real dragon figurine at stores. i know i want one. the one that is red and 10inch

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