I Like A Lot of Banyu

So this is another sleepless night with (super annoying) headache.

I took a warung headache pill and some midnight meal.


I’m having a lot of water tonight. I like water. I drink quite a lot of water because it’s good for me, apparently. It makes you, when you’re sick, it makes you sweat a lot (and burp happily) and you’d feel a few times better. That’s why I love a lot of water. Mineral water is good for you. Tea? Always a little pleasure. With or without sugar/sweetener.

Sometimes I take sugarless tea because I think it would be healthier after eating a lot of fatty meals. That’s not relevant at all, of course. I drink sweet tea for fun because it’s fun and easy to make. In a cold night, sometimes it helps you fart out the bad gas and it feels…GOOD.

Instant noodles are not always the healthiest choice for midnight meal, I know. But I like it fine right now. I added chopped tomato and one of those fake sausages with Deddy Mizwar appears on the ad.

Actually I like vegetable adding in my food lately, I almost don’t know why exactly. It’s just when I find fresh veggies in my meal, I become certain that it’s appropriate and not, like, fully “synthetic”, you know. I think I’m thinking about MSG and the way that too much salt is not so good for you and your blood pressure.

So my headache is calmed down now. I like writing this down. I like that I turned back to Twenty Twelve theme because I like its standard font and clear and simple space to write and read this little blog. I’m gonna eat the rest of my meal now. And I think I haven’t had my ‘Isya tonight so that’s the next thing.

Goodbye until next (unnecessary and pointless) post.

What’s your favorite midnight meal?

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