[Poem] Like A Lava

I’m aware this is one vivid and “terribelle” piece of poetry. (Terribelle makes terrible sounds prettier.) But I needed to write anything at this time. Not that I expect anyone would read it anyway so. 😐

Like A Lava

This anxiety’s pushing me up
Like a lava lava lava
I don’t know what to do with the pressure
Like a prisoner of my own body

I wanna run  to the sky and disappear
I wanna run run run
To get a peace is a hard one to earn
I know it’s hard, I need to get

No one sees me as God sees me
This is a breathtaking experience
Literally since I run out of air
The head keeps telling me to die

I don’t need anything right now except to die

Now doesn’t that sound like a 13 year old emo kid? 😆 (On the other hand: I fairly respect teenagers problems and depression.)

What was the first poem/poetry you ever wrote? Were you an emotional teen or go-out-with-the-sun type?

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