Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

For me, solitary means hanging on something meaningful to you, settlement, patience, and sufficiency, and even sometimes, worries.

Being in solitary could give you fun and joy with all you’ve already got, maybe it’s not the world, but it’s a piece of your personal paradise.

But it could also give you fear and paranoia. Mind plays trick when you’re in solitary too much and too long, it could give you the fear that the world is no longer good for you or vice versa.

Thus you need to reevaluate your personal values, and realize that you are sufficient to other people who could use your help and love. And even in solitary, you’re still part of the beauty of this world.


Walaupun fotonya nggak bagus, yang penting bagi saya ini jadi bahan update-an blog. Haha.